Kids Bowl Free Driving Success at Strike and Spare Clarksville!

I recently spoke with Joe Markiewicz, manager of Strike and Spare bowling center in Clarksville, Indiana, about the success they've seen with the Kids Bowl Free program.

Joe has been running KBF at his center for over 5 years to boost youth participation and summer business.

He shared that through active card distribution to local schools and promoting the program, they've seen signups increase significantly year over year. Last year they signed up over 3,700 kids, and this year are already at over 4,300.

Joe works to convert these new bowlers into regulars by introducing interested youth to their coaching staff. One young bowler is now a league member after expressing interest through KBF. The program also provides a boost during their normally slower summer months. While some families come daily, others take advantage throughout summer breaks by extending their KBF period longer than most.

Joe recommends other centers get involved to access the community engagement and new customer opportunities. The valuable customer data also allows centers to better market their programs.

Overall, KBF is helping Strike and Spare drive more youth bowling and steady summer traffic.

Centers can bank on success by partnering with this great program.

I found that running the Kids Bowl Free program in the summer brings people in that normally wouldn't come in bowling. The extra summer business and new youth bowlers have provided ongoing benefits to the center.

Joe Markiewicz

Strike & Spare - Clarksville, IN