What is Kids Bowl Free

The Summer Bowling Program That Has Bowling Proprietors and Families Smiling From Ear To Ear!

This program is an upgrade of a promotion that many centers have run in the summer over the years wherein youth were provided the opportunity to bowl a free game or two a day, on certain days and in specific time segments. 

The centers that ran the promotion were looking to build traffic in the time segments where they commonly had idle lanes. The traffic built would result in cash sales for purchases beyond the free games and most importantly provide a way for centers to build and/or improve their databases to use in future marketing. Most centers that employed that tactic built traffic early in the summer but failed miserably in collection of good data and/or keeping the traffic coming over the summer.

Kids Bowl Free® has provided centers with tools, systems and programming to not only overcome the shortfalls of the forerunner programs and has delivered beyond expectations for centers that executed the program properly before the end of school this past spring.

Driven by an internet marketing structure headlined by www.KidsBowlFree.com centers collected accurate data before anyone entered their bowling center and kept traffic coming as a result of the systems automatic delivered coupons on a weekly basis. The centers went into the fall with a fresh hot database to market a whole variety of fall programs.

During the summer of 2023, the Kids Bowl Free® summer bowling program registered 2,927,170 kids from 1,168,000 families.

The Kids Bowl Free® Program has now had more than 30 million kids participate over the past 16 summers.

Since its inception in 2008, BBBI/Kids Bowl Free® has been helping centers generate traffic, generate cash and collect and use data all while providing children with two free games of bowling all summer long.

More than 1,500 bowling centers and family entertainment centers with bowling have now participated  throughout the U.S. and Canada!