Kids Bowl Free & Storm Products Announce B.I.G Collaboration To Grow Bowling!

We have some VERY exciting news to share with you today.

Last week at Bowl Summit 2024 in New Orleans, Bowling Business Builders International | Kids Bowl Free & Storm Bowling announced their collaborative effort Think B.I.G (Bowling Industry Growth).

Together we saw the opportunity to take our unique assets, from BBBI | Kids Bowl Free it’s our more than 1.3 million participating families and nearly 6 million people to bowling centers around the globe each summer.

From Storm, it’s a combination of their Evolution Youth Program (many who started bowling because of Kids Bowl Free), Storms’s Professional Staff including fan favorites like Belmo, Kyle Troup, Verity Crawley, and more who will be providing video based bowling coaching to create more lifelong bowlers.

We’re calling this program The Storm Bowling Xperience, for Those New To Bowling. 

The timing of this announcement was so good!

2023 PWBA rookie of the year Hope Gramly who got her start in bowling with Kids Bowl Free, also made Team USA just days before we made this announcement and is another demonstration of the importance of introducing more families to the sport of bowling through Kids Bowl Free for the first time. 

During The Summer Of 2024 We Have A Few Goals For The Program: 

  1. Have 100,000+ Kids create a Kids Bowl Free ‘Average’ by logging their scores in the Kids Bowl Free app when they redeem their coupons. 
  2. Have more than 1 million minutes of bowling lessons watched via video and delivered to Kids Bowl Free participating families in our app. 

How It’s Going To Work

  1. Each time a family redeems their Kids Bowl Free coupons at a participating location, we'll message families via our push notifications, coupon redemption screen, and email to enter their scores for the day.  Our system will log scores and create an ‘average’ - The goal here is to introduce families to the sport side of our game and let them know that there is more to bowling than just recreational opportunities. 

  2. Storm will be providing prizes each month to families who log scores and we’ll have drawings at the end of June, July, and August based upon certain criteria that we’re still hammering out. 

  3. Throughout the summer there will be messaging with bowling tips included in our weekly emails, and Storm is also sponsoring bowling ball rebates. 

    Families will be able to purchase bowling balls from any authorized pro shop or bowling center at the retail price.  Kids Bowl Free will have downloadable rebate forms for participating families to send to a 3rd party rebate company and receive a rebate on bowling balls from Storm, with no expense from participating centers, pro shops, or distributors.   

    The goal is to “Hook” more kids on bowling by getting a bowling ball in their hands. 

  4. At the end of the Summer, we’ll have a Kids Bowl Free awards store where kids will be able to download digital certificates to celebrate their summer of bowling and print them. 

    In addition to digital certificates we’re working on trophies, patches, or badges to celebrate their high games, average, etc.  The goal is to get bowling introduced into their daily life, so it's a constant reminder of bowling and future opportunities like leagues, scholarships, and more! 

This is a VERY exciting announcement.

The program is evolving and growing by the day. 

We have so much excitement from pro shops, bowling centers, distributors, and manufacturers.

 Watch for more updates from BBBI | Kids Bowl Free & Storm Bowling real soon.

 Together we can do BIG things for the industry we all LOVE!

 Dedicated To Building Your Business,

Darin Spindler
Co-Founder - Kids Bowl Free

P.S…If you want to learn how your center can participate please give us a call today at 877-841-4590.