Storm & Kids Bowl Free April Update!

BIG Updates On The B.I.G Movement!

Last week Gary and I were able to record a video update for the Bowling Industry Growth (BIG) movement!

You’ll hear more about how we’re going to help move open play customers toward organized and competitive bowling options.

Inside of the Kids Bowl Free App kids can now log all of their bowling scores this summer, they can now create a Kids Bowl Free bowling average and earn digital badges for their bowling scores starting at a 50 game.

Kids Bowl Free & Storm Bowling Prizes!

Plus, in June Kids and Families will be able to win prizes from Storm, just for going bowling.  

When you use the PIN to redeem their coupons, our software will now log a visit and begin to tally how many times they visit this summer, and be rewarded with badges in their accounts for visits.

We’ll then be entering people who redeem coupons in for prizes from Storm and Kids Bowl Free!

Hooking Kids On Bowling, One Ball At A Time

Finally…Families will be able to purchase Storm Bowling equipment at any bowling center or pro shop, and then go online and request a rebate for their purchase. Storm is funding the entire bowling ball rebate, which will allow distributors to sell balls to pro shops like they always have, and have pro shops and bowling centers sell bowling balls for their normal prices, and yet the families will save $ when getting a Storm Bowling ball. 

During The Summer Of 2024 We Have A Few Goals For The Program: 

  1. Have 100,000+ Kids create a Kids Bowl Free ‘Average’ by logging their scores in the Kids Bowl Free app when they redeem their coupons. 
  2. Have more than 1 million minutes of bowling lessons watched via video and delivered to Kids Bowl Free participating families in our app. 

We have so much excitement from pro shops, bowling centers, distributors, and manufacturers.

 Watch for more updates from BBBI | Kids Bowl Free & Storm Bowling real soon.

 Together we can do BIG things for the industry we all LOVE!

 Dedicated To Building Your Business,

Darin Spindler
Co-Founder - Kids Bowl Free

P.S…If you want to learn how your center can participate please give us a call today at 877-841-4590.