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December, 2022

Dear Ambitious Bowling Proprietor and Family Entertainment Centers, 

Nearly 15 years ago at Bowling Business Builders International (BBBI) we sat around a table dreaming of a program to help bowling centers solve ONE big problem, Summer.

For decades, bowling centers would work tirelessly from September to late April serving league players and open play guests during the busy “Bowling Season”. Then many held on for dear life May, June, July and August. 

Most centers worked eight hard months to build up enough cash reserves to survive the Summer.  Then day by day they began watching their checking accounts dwindle down, many having to tap into their line of credits to bridge the gap to September when the league bowling register began to ring again.

A scary cycle.

Many centers had previously been giving away free bowling during the Summer to drive traffic into their center.  For some centers it had worked in a limited way, but they didn’t really capitalize by capturing data and using it effectively to build other revenue streams from the free bowling they were giving away. 


Proprietors from around the globe would gather at events like Bowl Expo and state conventions and just kind of put up the white flag, believing it was “impossible” to improve Summer business!

Until it wasn’t.

It’s Kind Of Fun To Do The Impossible

Walt Disney

At BBBI we had a BIG idea to do the IMPOSSIBLE!  The internet was providing a perfect platform to spread the word quickly and easily about all kinds of topics including coupons and special offers, why wouldn’t it work for bowling too.

We took what had worked in a limited fashion offline and had a BIG idea to give away 2 FREE Games Of Bowling, EVERY Day, All Summer Long!  An outrageous offer, and one of the secrets to its success. 

We then made a serious investment to build an entire system that could capture and manage data, generate referrals and marry it with a complex marketing system both on and offline that would drive traffic to KidsBowlFree.com. 

BBBI’s Big Gamble Pays Off For Our Industry!

The results…the biggest movement and business win for bowling centers in the history of our industryTo date more than 30,000,000 kids and families have participated in the program over its history. 

Generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for participating centers through shoe rental, extra games bowled, food, beverage, game rooms and more!  Centers are now profitable even during the Summer doldrums!  Centers that had empty lanes and dark pin decks now have waiting lists!

Kids Bowl Free solved a perpetual problem, empty lanes during the Summer, and we did it with a promotion that was self-funding, very little risk on the part of the centers, the majority of the funding was designed to come from the consumer, not the center.

Kids Bowl Free took available inventory (empty lanes), and turned these lanes into a profitable opportunity, not just during the Summer, but to build a database that smart and ambitious centers like yours have used to sell more birthday parties, generate more fundraisers, boost open play year round, sell a ton of gift cards and more.

It’s Time To Solve The Next BIG Problem,
And Your Center Is Invited To Be A Part Of The Solution!

We’re now on a mission to solve the next BIG problem facing our industry.  League Play. 

As an industry we’ve been battling a league bowler base that’s been dying both literally and figuratively for decades.

Back in the good ole’ days league bowling began early in the morning and ended early in the morning.  Shifts of bowlers starting at 8 or 9 AM and going all day long with shifts back-to-back. Thousands of centers packed wall to wall even after midnight!

As an industry we’ve been on a LONG losing streak. How long?

45 years! That’s right, the last year there was an increase in organized league play in the US was the year before Darin was born! 1977.

At BBBI., one of the biggest assets we have is our team. 

We’ve been in your shoes.  All but one person on our team has either owned or operated a center at one point in their life and many of us have worked for decades inside the four walls of bowling centers, we’ve met the payroll and we’ve felt the pain of a nearly empty checking account at various points in our lives.

Since our very first team meeting 15+ years ago, at every meeting we ask ourselves one very big question before the meeting.  Is what we’re about to talk about going to help ring the cash register for the bowling center?

If the answer is YES and what we are proposing can make a positive difference in the life of the center and its team we’ll move forward to see if it’s technically possible to do.  Often our tech team looks at us like we’re crazy, but ultimately will find a way to get it built.  And the final piece of the puzzle is to figure out how we can make money for our company too.  This is the opposite approach most businesses take. 

The reason we’re still around and Kids Bowl Free is still growing is because we’ve always put the interest of the participating centers ahead of our own, and we’re going to do the same with our league bowling building system.

We’re Going To Use A Blueprint That’s Worked Before…

What’s the blueprint?  It’s simple, do what we did for summer bowling with Kids Bowl Free and do the same for league play, with an exciting new movement and system built on FunBowlingLeagues.com.

We’ll take a program that has worked before, use new tools, technology and systems to create a massive success.

Thirty years ago many centers participated in the Fun Rollin’ Family Bowling Program that we created and had floored more than 30,000 teams at participating locations.  This was at a time when you had to rent a list to mail to, print and pay for postage, make sure that your front desk was properly trained to make the sale and sign up families over the phone.

There are other formats that have worked in the past and will work again, but we need to get more eyeballs on the offers and opportunity to bowl in a league at your center!

More Than 4,000 League Bowlers Now Floored,
And We’re Ready To Aim For 100,000 This Year!

We’ve now been testing, tweeking and improving this system over the past five years in a variety of different ways…and this Summer and Fall we were able to floor more than 1,100 league bowlers…and over 90% had never bowled in a league before!

We’re making a significant investment to build out the software, and the marketing system to allowing us to communicate with consumers, deploy a sophisticated referral system and more to build leagues quickly and attract new consumers to FUN Bowling Leagues at your center!

We’ve hired a full-time software engineer and we’re investing significant time, energy and effort into making this a system that will be the foundation that helps the entire industry rebuild our league bowler base.

This is a BIG TIME investment, and we have a vision to floor more than a million league bowlers over the next five years and our goal is to floor more than a million a year after that!

Get Results Like This! 

Our 56 New League Bowlers Had a Great Time! 

“Andy…Thanks to you and BBBI’s system we floored two new leagues so far for our Capital Lanes in Tallahassee, FL. In total honesty I wasn’t convinced the program would work but we needed some new revenue and BBBI has never let us down in the past so we gave it a try.

Our 56 new league bowlers had a great time and we did really well from additional of food and beverage sales.

We assigned a hostess to take care of the league weekly as you requested and that resulted in very happy customers…great suggestion! We will certainly be running the program again soon and I am sure we are going to have even more success. “ 

Daniel Pizzi //  Sun Belt Recreation Centers 

140 Adult League Bowlers…and Growing! 

“What a success and in time slots we normally are not very busy! 140 adult league bowlers so far (most brand new to league play) in three different leagues.

Two leagues of 40 bowlers each in the summer and now one of 60 bowlers in the fall. The players love the format and many stick around after bowling in our bar.

Thanks for finding the bowlers for us….can’t wait to floor more new customers after the first of the year!”

Ryan Hughes // Howell Bowl-E-Drome

Nearly 80 New, Happy, Fun Loving Customers!

“Your new league building system has already delivered 2 new leagues to our center, thanks!  The leagues brought us many (almost 80) brand new happy, fun loving customers. 

Almost all want to repeat in another session sometime soon. Bowling every other week was a key factor and The Rum Buckets were a big hit.  Your system of finding league bowlers works great!

I will be in touch soon to tell you what day and time we will have you work on next."

Mary Montney // Northern Lanes

Who’s Going To Fund This?

Like Kids Bowl Free this movement is going to be primarily paid for by the customers that we attract to each of the league programs.  Each of the leagues will have a registration fee that the bowlers pay online as they create their account, and we’ll use these funds to invest in the media we spend to acquire the new customers. 

Each league will also feature a “First Week Free”, in reality we build the cost of that week into the future week fees, but it allows us to have a great marketing offer, not to mention a low risk trial for the consumer. 

After a bowler shows up for the second week, the center will report to us the final count of bowlers and in many leagues they will place an order for premiums that we curate for each league.  At that time the center will pay BBBI. a one time $10 fee per league bowler floored.  BBBI. is taking 100% of the upfront marketing risk, centers only pay once a league has been successfully floored.

You Do What You’re Good At, We’ll Do What We’re Good At...

Your centers will do what you’re good at and we’ll do what we’re good at.  Centers are excellent hosts and organizers, you’ll make sure every bowler has a great time.  

We’ll do what we’re good at. Creating a platform to accommodate lots of web traffic, manage a complex marketing and referral system, create a movement of bowlers on a variety of social media platforms and communicate with the bowlers.

Together we’re going to get league bowling growing again!

When Will You Run A League?

When you choose to offer a league is up to you and will be dependent upon the league format offered, of course a family offer wouldn’t be done late at night and a league offer for young adults wouldn’t be offered on Saturday morning.

The goal is for us to help you fill currently open slots, when you don’t believe that you can fill them with open play on a guaranteed basis. 

As an example we now have family entertainment centers who are open weeknights, but they are not full and the bowling lanes are not being used as often as they’d like.  Fitting in a league format from FunBowlingLeagues.com may be a solution to the mid-week blues.

This is where you look to fill your lanes with a league format from us.  Not on a Saturday afternoon when you’re booked solid with birthday parties and events.

For more traditional centers you may have a block of 4, 6, 8 lanes or more available and instead of hoping for walk in open play you plug in a format from FunBowlingLeagues.com!

Our team can help you to pick the best times from those that you have available.

We’re not looking to your primetimes to fill lanes, this is strictly a product for your available inventory at your non-peak hours. 

The ball is in your court, or shall we say on your lane. You let us know when you’d like to make your sweeps go up and down and we’ll get to work.

Are You Ready To Make The Next Leap Forward With Us? 

Our league format that we’re building out from start to finish is the Rum Bucket Bowling League in Mid to Late January 2023.  

What do you need to do to join the movement?

  • Just say YES to becoming a Founding center!  You can complete the at this page, you can email Andy at andy.vasko@funbowlingleagues.com to let us know that you’re a YES, just make sure to include your center name and your first and last name.
  • Provide us with a Key Contact person for your center for this league, and each league that we work together on in the future.  We need to be able to quickly communicate with your center and understand that you may not be the best person for the back and forth communication we may need to make sure that your center has a successful league program. 

We look forward to helping floor more league players at your center and together help rebuild the foundation of our industry. 

Looking back 15 years, we never dreamed of having 30 million plus kids and families participate in the Kids Bowl Free Summer Bowling program, but it filled a need for both the centers and for the consumer.  A home run! 

Now it’s time to do it again.

Kids Bowl Free began with just 20 centers in the original pilot program, and nearly every one of those centers is still with us today, which is both humbling and cool! 

They also have the forever bragging rights to say, I was there on Day 1.

We’re now looking for the first 20 to raise their hands and lead the way again.

The only question is, will it be you and your center?

Dedicated To Building Your Business,

We know that some family entertainment centers didn’t have league play built into their business plan, but discovered that after the initial grand opening, traffic numbers may not be what they’d like earlier in the week.

P.S…Lock yourself away for the next 41-minutes video and watch the entire video presentation about the FunBowlingLeagues.com movement, then take just one minute to tell us you're a YES!  


We encourage you to watch it start to finish, take notes, create questions and send them to me at Darin@BowlingBusinessBuilders.com or send me a note that says “My center wants to be one of the first 20 centers”!

P.P.S...Below we're including a quick reference summary of how the Fun Bowling Leagues Movement works.  


Say YES, Before 12/10/2022 At 9 PM EST and You'll Be In For The January 2023 Launch Of FunBowlingLeagues.com

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